What we did Website design WordPress Development Launch date

January 9, 2023


Apollo Pharma is an Israeli company dedicated to increasing the availability and variety of health-conscious and environmentally-friendly foods in the local market. We partner with foreign producers from around the globe seeking to reach our market; we focus specifically on those offering innovation and unique offerings in the areas of veganism, functional nutrition, medicinal plants, products with sustainable packaging, and more.


I conceptualized and developed the website for ApolloPharma, an Israeli-based company committed to broadening the availability and diversity of health-centric and environmentally sustainable food products in the local market. This project entailed creating a clean and intuitive interface to effectively communicate the company’s values, areas of expertise, and services offered.

The website outlines ApolloPharma’s holistic approach in partnering with global producers, focusing on innovative offerings in veganism, functional nutrition, medicinal plants, and sustainable packaging. It also highlights the company’s comprehensive services, from market strategy development and kosher certification to branding and distribution, making it a central platform for engaging potential partners and clients. Through a balanced design and informative content layout, I ensured the website serves as an efficient digital front, embodying ApolloPharma’s mission in promoting healthier and eco-conscious food alternatives in the Israeli market.


The triumph of the ApolloPharma website mirrors our meticulous endeavor to grasp the core values and forward-looking objectives of our client. Through a blend of intuitive design and strategic development, the new site not only accentuates ApolloPharma’s commitment to healthier and sustainable food offerings, but also serves as a potent marketing asset for their continuous expansion in the Israeli market. This digital platform, now reflective of the innovative essence of ApolloPharma, is poised to aid them in forging meaningful partnerships and reaching broader audiences as they step into the next phase of their venture.